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Heavy India

We provide a customized business solution from our extensive range of lending partners at very low-interest rates for small business enterprises and help them focus of core business activities and we focus of dedicated finance arrangement from various lenders and help the business grow faster.

Business Updater

Business Updater is a digital magazine that reaches to the audience globally and one-stop source for showcasing stories news and views on Innovation, Empowerment, Inspirational stories of Businesses globally.

Bank Help Line

We will help you to take a look at all the leading loan and investment options available in the market and understand them thoroughly. It will also simplify the complex loan, insurance and saving products in easy terms and will explain the possible hidden charges that can benefit you. BankHelpline is an intelligence platform which […]

Hiring Help Line

A better career is out there. We’ll help you find it. We’re your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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Don’t hesitate in taking risks for your business.-Sanil Chandran Founder & CEO – Naadan Group.

Intro Hey, folks! I am Sanil Chandran from Raipur, who is turning his passion for providing employment all over the country into an empire. We had a small scale business, dealing in marketing & selling of traditional products from different parts of India. This idea empowered me, and hence I wanted to reach this to […]

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Connect To Digital Marketing With Naadan Technology

Although we are following traditional marketing since more than 10 decades but now we are living in a digital worldTraditional Marketing does not permit direct interaction with clients, whereas Digital marketing and marketing give a higher stage of engagement and interaction. Whether or not it is through social media remarks or email messages, your target […]

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